Why TheraSmile Whitening Might Be Right for You

Why TheraSmile Whitening Might Be Right for You

During your younger years, you’re usually blessed with a pair of perfectly white teeth. As you get older, though, the aging process and years of lifestyle factors that stain your teeth cause your teeth to yellow and lose their pearly white shine.

If you’d like to regain the brilliantly white smile from your younger years, Sean Pierce, DDS, from Pierce Robotics in Beverly Hills, California, recommends the innovative TheraSmile® Whitening by Mavrik system to keep your teeth the color you desire. Here’s why the TheraSmile Whitening by Mavrik system might be the right teeth whitening solution for you.

What is TheraSmile® Whitening by Mavrik?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic process that eliminates signs of stains and yellowing on your teeth. The results temporarily restore your teeth’s white and bright appearance.

To create your best results, Dr. Pierce uses the sophisticated digital dentistry system Therasmile Whitening by Mavrik. During the one-hour, in-office procedure, you wear a comfortable mouthpiece while the system pumps whitening gel into the mouthpiece.

After getting a Therasmile Whitening by Mavrik treatment, you can expect your teeth to appear 8-10 shades whiter than before.

Why get a TheraSmile Whitening by Mavrik treatment?

If you’ve been considering teeth whitening, here’s why TheraSmile Whitening by Mavrik might be the right solution for you.

It’s comfortable

Therasmile Whitening by Mavrik allows you to get ideal teeth whitening results in a relaxing environment. The mouthpiece you wear during the procedure, which is designed with your comfort in mind, is vacuum-sealed against your teeth and creates a fully hydrated and warm environment.

This ensures your teeth absorb 100% of the whitening solution, while your gums, lips, and tongue don’t touch any of it. This avoids much of the discomfort and sensitivity associated with some teeth whitening procedures.

It’s hygienic and safe

The automated ioWave™ cycles hydrogen peroxide-based teeth whitening gel through your teeth, with new gel being used every six minutes. This limits the wear and tear of the treatment on your enamel and ensures your teeth are being continuously treated in a safe and hygienic manner.

It’s convenient

You can get Therasmile Whitening by Mavrik right in the Pierce Robotics office. Your full appointment only takes about an hour, making it easy to fit into your busy day.

You get proven, lasting results

Therasmile Whitening by Mavrik’s special technology and automated gel mixing system means it delivers proven and predictable results that typically make your teeth 8-10 shades later after one session.

Once treatment is complete, you’ll see your newly whiter teeth right away. The results of the treatment can last for up to six months before you need to have your teeth whitened again.*

If you’d like to have whiter teeth that are younger and more vibrant in appearance, Therasmile Whitening by Mavrik offers stunning results that are proven in a safe, efficient, and easy procedure. To schedule your appointment for a teeth whitening consultation and procedure, make your appointment now at Pierce Robotics online or by calling us.

*individual results vary

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