What Does a Customized Smile Makeover Entail?

What Does a Customized Smile Makeover Entail?

Having a fantastic smile fills you with confidence and helps you light up every room you enter. If you don’t like the way your teeth look, though, it can impair your self-esteem, and some tooth issues can even make everyday activities like speaking and eating more difficult.

If you have significant damage to your teeth or have lost teeth, a smile makeover might be the right solution for you. Right at Pierce Robotics in Beverly Hills, California, Sean Pierce, DDS, uses his extensive experience and skill to bring your teeth and mouth back to life using full mouth reconstruction.

Learn more about how you can expect full mouth reconstruction to transform your smile.

Understanding full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction combines aesthetic and functional dentistry to restore your teeth and smile. Using a variety of procedures and techniques, Dr. Pierce repairs, replaces, and realigns any teeth that are missing or have significant damage.

Your full mouth reconstruction is fully customized during a consultation between you and Dr. Pierce. When recommending treatments, Dr. Piece considers your goals for improving your smile, as well as your dental needs based on an exam and your oral history.

Is full mouth reconstruction right for me?

You might be a good candidate for full mouth reconstruction if you have significant damage to your teeth. This can include missing multiple teeth or a history of significant tooth problems and damage.

By fixing these issues, Dr. Pierce can bring back your beautiful smile and restore your oral health.

Procedures your customized full mouth reconstruction can involve

Your smile makeover is personalized based on your individual goals and health needs. Some of the procedures Dr. Pierce might recommend to you include:


If you’ve had a root canal or have a tooth that’s otherwise damaged, Dr. Pierce can place a synthetic crown over the enamel. This restores your tooth back to its original strength and also improves the appearance of it.

Dental implants

Dental implants are posts made of titanium that Dr. Pierce places under your gums, which then fuse with your jaw. These posts support dentures, bridges, or crowns to allow for a functional and natural-looking tooth replacement.

Dental bridges

If you have an individual tooth missing, a dental bridge fills up the gap with a synthetic replacement. Dental bridges not only remove an aesthetically unpleasant tooth gap, they also help support your gum, bone, and surrounding teeth’s health.

Teeth whitening

If your teeth look stained or discolored, Dr. Pierce can lighten them by several shades with a noninvasive, comfortable teeth whitening procedure. The Mavrik TheraSmile® Whitening system lightens your teeth significantly in one single visit.

Dr. Pierce schedules your full mouth restoration treatments as a series of office visits that work with your schedule. Once your restoration is complete, Dr. Pierce suggests maintaining good oral hygiene and habits to make your results last.

If you need significant dental work and would like to make over your smile, full mouth restoration can help. Call 310-554-7235, or book online to schedule your consultation.

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