Understanding the Different Types of Instruments Used in Digital Dentistry

Understanding the Different Types of Instruments Used in Digital Dentistry

As technology has continued to develop at an accelerated pace, dentistry has become increasingly advanced. This has created the pioneering field of digital dentistry, which makes a trip to the dentist more high-tech, convenient, and relaxing than ever.

As a specialist at using the latest digital dentistry techniques, Sean Pierce, DDS, of Pierce Robotics in Beverly Hills, California, uses a number of different technologically sophisticated instruments to keep your teeth healthy and shining. Understand more about the instruments Dr. Pierce might use during your dental visit.

Understanding digital dentistry

Dental problems like cavities and gum disease haven’t changed over the years, but the way we treat them has. With digital dentistry, Dr. Pierce uses the most up-to-date digital techniques to treat, diagnose, or even prevent dental issues.

The computer-based technologies used in digital dentistry allow for improved quality in your dental care and are safe. Most procedures performed using digital dentistry are minimally invasive, which makes them more comfortable and allows you to make a faster recovery.

You can expect the results you get from a digital dentistry procedure to be long-lasting.

Instruments commonly used in digital dentistry

Dr. Pierce uses a number of different instruments as part of digital dentistry. These are some of the common instruments you might encounter.

Digital X-rays

With digital X-rays, you can now get detailed, immediate internal images of your teeth and gums, using digital sensors and lower amounts of radiation than traditional X-rays. Digital X-rays allow Dr. Pierce to get detailed images to diagnose dental issues or guide procedures.

Intraoral cameras

An intraoral camera is a high-tech camera Dr. Pierce places into your mouth during an oral examination. This camera transmits detailed, live images of your gums and teeth to a monitor in the room.

Intraoral scanners

Intraoral scanners are a mess-free, high-tech, and convenient alternative to traditional dental impressions. Using a wand, Dr. Pierce carefully scans your teeth and gums, which digitally renders the impressions on a computer program. These impressions can be used to design dental appliances such as bridges or crowns.

Mavrik TheraSmile® Whitening

The sophisticated Mavrik TheraSmile Whitening system uses automated technology to create stunningly white teeth that typically last for four to six months. The machine uses custom mouthpieces and proprietary whitening gel for a comfortable and impressive teeth whitening experience.

Yomi® Robotic Guided Implant Surgery by Neocis®

Using 3D-guided implant technology and digital scanning, the Yomi Robotic Guided Implant Surgery by Neocis makes placing dental implants more precise, accurate, and less likely to fail. Dr. Pierce uses this robotic dentistry technology when placing dental implants.

With technology advancing more with every passing day, digital dentistry will continue to develop more instruments and sophisticated procedures that improve your dentistry experience. By seeing Dr. Pierce for your dental needs, you can be fully assured you’re seeing a dentist who stays up-to-date on the more contemporary and best procedures.

To book your digital dentistry or robotic dentistry appointment, call our team at Pierce Robotics, or make an online booking.

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