My Jaw Pops When I Chew: Do I Have TMJ?

My Jaw Pops When I Chew: Do I Have TMJ?

Hearing your jaw pop while you’re eating can be unnerving. Your jaw is located right next to your ears, which can magnify the sounds and sensations of the popping even more to you than popping in areas like your ankle joints.

If chewing causes your jaw to pop on a regular basis, you might be wondering if you have any underlying conditions. According to Sean Pierce, DDS, an experienced dentist at Pierce Robotics in Beverly Hills, California, regular jaw popping can be a sign you have a condition called TMJ.

Discover more about the symptoms of TMJ and the advanced treatments Dr. Pierce offers to manage your jaw popping and other problems your TMJ causes.

Understanding TMJ

Your temporomandibular, or TMJ, joint allows your jaw to connect to your skull. Thanks to your TMJ joint, you can easily open your jaw to eat food and hold a conversation.

However, when your TMJ joint isn’t functioning as expected, you can develop a condition called TMJ, which causes stiffness, tenderness, and pain in your TMJ joint that can interfere with your life.

TMJ can be caused by a number of factors, including grinding your teeth, arthritis, and impact or injury to your jaw. Some people have no obvious cause of their TMJ.

Jaw popping and other TMJ symptoms 

If you have TMJ, you might frequently experience jaw popping, especially when you chew. You might feel a sensation while chewing as if your jaw is grating or clicking. It’s also common for your jaw to feel restricted in movement or pain as you chew.

Jaw popping and other difficulties while chewing are just a few symptoms of TMJ. Others include:

You can also feel general pain throughout your face, including around your cheek and eye area, if you have TMJ.

How to manage TMJ 

TMJ isn’t treatable, but the excellent news is, it’s highly manageable. Dr. Pierce uses the latest state-of-the-art treatments to ensure you don’t experience painful and frustrating TMJ symptoms.

These are some of the TMJ treatments Dr. Pierce offers:


You’ve probably heard of Botox being used as an anti-aging treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Botox injections are also a highly effective medical treatment for TMJ, as they relax your muscles and make it easier to comfortably move your jaw.

3D-printed night guards

Dr. Pierce uses the latest 3D printing technology to carefully craft a night guard that perfectly fits your face. Night guards ensure you sleep with your jaw in the correct position, which reduces TMJ symptoms.

Pain medication and physical therapy

When you need additional help for TMJ, Dr. Pierce can also prescribe pain medications and physical therapy treatment. Pain medication helps relieve various symptoms, including pain and inflammation, while an at-home routine of stretches and other exercises helps relax your muscles and ease tension in your jaw area.

If jaw popping while you chew and other TMJ symptoms are disrupting your routine, Dr. Pierce can help. Schedule your consultation at Pierce Robotics today online or by phone.

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