Dental Implants: Why Robotic-Guided Implant Surgery?

If you’ve lost one or more of your adult teeth, dental implants are often the most effective solution for replacing them. Dental implants appear natural and give you a replacement tooth that functions just like your natural teeth.

In the past, getting dental implants was an involved process that required several lengthy dental visits to fit and place them. Now, using exciting, cutting-edge robotic technology, Sean S Pierce, DDS, of Pierce Aesthetics in Tustin, California, makes the dental implant process faster, safer, and even more precise using the Yomi® robot-assisted dental surgery system.

Discover the advantages of using robotic-guided implant surgery to get your dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a replacement for any natural teeth you have lost. Unlike other tooth replacement options, implants attach to the root of your tooth, which allows them to function almost exactly as your natural tooth did.

Your dental implants look like your natural teeth, make it easy to eat and talk as you did before, don’t require removal, and can last for your entire life with good care. You won’t need to make any changes to your pre-implant tooth care and can continue to brush your teeth normally and attend your usual professional teeth cleanings and checkups.

What is robotic-guided implant surgery?

Robotic-guided implant surgery uses robot-assisted technology to complete your dental implant surgery. The Yomi robot-assisted dental surgery system is an FDA-cleared advanced technology that enhances Dr. Pierce’s experience and skill with placing dental implants.

The Yomi robot moves with perfect precision, allowing Dr. Pierce to make even more specific and delicate movements during implant surgery than is possible with human hands. Dr. Pierce controls the robot throughout the implant surgery, meaning he is always present and uses the Yomi robot to enhance your implant placement surgery experience.

The benefits of robotic guided implant surgery

Robotic-guided implant surgery comes with significant benefits to you. These include:

It’s faster

Traditional implant surgery requires multiple visits to the dentist. It can be months before all your permanent implants are finally in place.

With robotic-guided implant surgery, you can get your implants placed in a single visit. It’s also possible to place multiple implants at once with this technology, saving further time if you need more than one tooth implant.

It’s minimally invasive

Using the robot-guided technology means Dr. Pierce can make smaller incisions than in traditional implant surgery, making your procedure minimally invasive. This means you benefit from a faster recovery period and a lower risk of complications.

It’s extremely accurate

The advanced levels of exactness enabled with robotic-guided implant surgery mean Dr. Pierce places your dental implants with perfect accuracy. This ensures your implants and other teeth function exactly as they should and that you maintain your beautiful smile.

Find out today if robotic-guided implant surgery is right for you

If you’ve lost one or more more adult teeth or have been told you need a tooth extracted, robotic-guided implant surgery might be the ideal tooth replacement solution for you. At your consultation, Dr. Pierce gives personalized treatment recommendations and plans out your unique surgical plan if you’re a good fit for the procedure.

To find out more about robotic-guided implant surgery, book your appointment online or over the phone at Pierce Aesthetics.

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