5 Benefits of Digital Dentistry

5 Benefits of Digital Dentistry

Using the most modern, cutting-edge equipment and accessing the most up-to-date dental procedures are among the best ways to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. Not only is the pioneering field of digital dentistry great for your health, it also improves the experience of visiting the dentist for you.

At Pierce Robotics in Beverly Hills, California, Sean Pierce, DDS, is committed to offering the latest and best digital dentistry technology to enhance your dental procedures and visits. Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of digital dentistry.

About digital dentistry

Digital dentistry offers the same effective dental treatments as traditional dentistry, with the benefit of using modern technology in procedures. Using digital dentistry, Dr. Pierce can even more quickly and effectively identify, prevent, and treat dental issues.

Equipment used in digital dentistry ranges from digital X-rays to intraoral tools to view the inside of your mouth to tiny digital implants that perform robot-assisted surgery. Digital dentistry even improves cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, making your teeth even more beautiful without some of the discomfort and inconvenience of older procedures.

The benefits of digital dentistry

Using digital dentistry rather than traditional dental procedures comes with a multitude of benefits. Here are five reasons you should consider having your next dental visit using digital dentistry.

1. It’s efficient.

Digital dentistry methods make your dental visits significantly more convenient. Using updated technologies makes it possible to store your records electronically, meaning we can quickly and efficiently access them at any time.

It also makes it simpler to pass your records on to other professionals or for us to receive your records from other practitioners. Digital tools also work more quickly than traditional tools, often helping your appointment or procedure take place more quickly.

After most procedures, you can expect your recovery time from digital dentistry to be quicker as well.

2. It’s safer.

The tools used in digital dentistry make many dental procedures safer. Thanks to the use of robot technology and tiny cameras, the vast majority of digital procedures make microscopically tiny incisions, making them minimally invasive.

You’ll be at a much lower risk of experiencing any complications after digital dentistry surgery, and you’ll experience fewer and more minor expected side effects after procedures.

3. It’s more comfortable.

Digital dentistry equipment often allows for a more comfortable experience than traditional procedures. Procedures are usually faster, and the more streamlined and smaller equipment allows for you to relax and be in greater comfort as your appointment takes place.

4. It improves accuracy.

The sophisticated digital dentistry cameras and instruments we use allow for extremely high levels of accuracy. With cutting-edge digital imaging, Dr. Pierce can more easily spot potential dental issues or dental issues early, before more invasive procedures are needed.

Robot-assisted surgical procedures in which Dr. Pierce controls the robot’s movements are even more precise than traditional surgical incisions. This improves the likelihood of procedures like dental implants being successful, while reducing the risk of surgical complications.

5. Results last a long time.

Whatever kind of appointment or procedure you get using digital dentistry, you can expect your results to be long-lasting. Before any procedure, Dr. Pierce ensures you know what to expect from your results.

For top-quality dental care using the latest digital dentistry equipment and techniques, make an appointment today at Pierce Robotics.

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